NES Soap

Our Story

NES - how it all began!


We first met each other in the beautiful province of Eastern Java – Indonesia and then again in New York City where we made the decision to live our lives together in New Zealand. 


For Elza who is a professional makeup artist and Nathaniel a chef, the decision to begin NES Soap evolved from our passion for skincare and creativity and the excitement of seeing and making something that doesn’t yet exist.


Soap making brings together the skills of combining the right ingredients, fragrances and textures that meet the personal needs of the individual.  Natural and aromatic products are better for your skin and in a small way better for our planet.  We seek to source ingredients that are sustainable, natural, and pure.


We appreciate the therapeutic effect that a fine soap can have on our personal health and wellbeing.  We have found benefits in helping relieve skin conditions such as eczema (which our daughters experience) and the aromatherapy effect of a wonderful fragrance.


We offer a wide ranges of soaps that we hope will have an appeal to everyone.  Whatever your sex, personality, likes and dislikes we have a soap for you and our range is continuously expanding to meet our customers’ wishes.


Elza is an experienced professional makeup artist who appreciates skin's health and beauty products.  Based in New York for many years before coming to New Zealand to marry her husband Nathaniel.  She works only using natural, ethically sourced products that had not been tested on animals.

Nathaniel first became interested in fragrances while visiting the Fragonard Perfumery in Paris more than 20 years ago.

Working as a professional chef his skill involved the combination of food that was wonderful to see, taste and smell.


Together they make beautiful luxurious soaps that are nourishing to the skin and delightful to the senses.